Perfect the L.O.C Method

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

L.O.C stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream.

An easy three step method that can be used by any hair texture that allows hair to keep shine, moisture and frizz away. This method is perfect for keeping hair nourished for whatever you want to do to your curls whether it be a wash n go, protective style or just a regular hair style

First Step is Liquid

Dampen hair with water or water based product for easy de-tangling and to tame frizz.

For curly hair types 2A through 3B use only water instead of a water based product to allow you hair to gain volume when you are finished doing all three steps

For curly hair types 3C through 4C use a combination of dampening hair with water first and then using a water based product to add more slip to your hair. Because hair type 3C through 4C has a tighter coil than those who have 2A through 3B it water alone will not smooth down curls and will eliminate definition. Adding a water based product will also weigh down hair a little to control how much volume it obtains as it dries.

Second Step is Oil

Any hair oil of choice is used in this method to seal in moisture from the water or water based product added in the first step. Split hair into two sections. Apply a dime sized amount of oil to your hands first and then run your hands through each section of hair. Comb hair to distribute oil evenly and massage the scalp gently so that hair follicles can fully absorb the oil.

Third Step is Cream

The most crucial step in this three step method is your cream. Make sure to pick a cream that specifically is for curls. Most of these creams will be called curling pudding. Your cream is going to act as a light gel for your curls without the crunchy hard feeling. You can also use gel if want a stronger hold for protective styles. A light curling cream will make sure that curls stay defined as you either air dry or diffuse it. In this step you are going to take your curling cream into your hands and lightly rake it from the shaft of your hair to the ends. You are then going to take a little more cream into your hands and scrunch it into the ends of your hair to create a more defined curl.

Finito! You have finished the three step method! We promise you that once you memorize this acronym the L.O.C method will be able to be completed in under 20 minutes. Less time styling, more time slaying!

Good Luck Curlies :)

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