If you just transitioned to embracing your curls you might be at the point where you are obsessing over what product is best for your hair. Should you use Shea Moisture or Deva Curl or the billion other hair product brands out there. The decision is hard to make when you don't even know why some brands are better for your hair and why some are not.

The big difference between some cheaper and higher priced products is the ingredients used. Most brands use toxic and cheap ingredients to keep the cost of making the product low. You might think that only brands that you find at the dollar store do this but you'd be surprised to know that the expensive brands do the same. Believe it or not there are chemicals put in some of these hair products that do the exact opposite of what they are saying the product is for. The trick is that you buy let's say a "moisturizing shampoo" and instead of moisturizing you receive a product that dries your hair out even more. Most of us will think "well maybe I didn't use enough" and continue to dry out our hair more and more. Most of us will buy another shampoo from a different brand. But guess what?! That brand is using the same marketing scheme. Using a cheap toxic chemical that dries out your hair and marketing it as "moisturizing"

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate

You may have seen "sulfate free" recently as brands are catching on that the Curl Care Community is on the ingredients lists ass. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE "SULFATE FREE" look at the ingredients list for this chemical. This is a cheap lathering detergent is a known cancer- causing ingredient. Large amounts of sulfates can damage the proteins in your hair that allow it to stay strong and elastic which in the long run will cause your hair to be dry and break off easily. Sulfates are not gentle on the scalp either which will result in dry flaky skin and irritation.

If you have an itchy scalp, dandruff and dry hair try oiling your scalp and cutting back on how many times a week you wash your hair


Behold the most confusing chemical to pronounce! Not only the most confusing to pronounce but the most shocking because studies show that this chemical is a endocrine disruptor. This meaning that large amounts of this can cause early puberty for girls and reduced sperm count for boys. It is also harmful to our aquatic environment due to the fact that this chemical results in severe disorders in the developing male reproductive system which decrease the amount of aquatic births.

Propylene Glycol

Raise your hand if you love slicking down your edges!!!

I love creating cute little swirls with my edges and I pretty much cover my edges in gel everyday. You can imagine my horror when I read that this is the most common chemical used in gels and is an active ingredient in ANTI FREEZE. I don't know about you guys but last time I checked I was not a CAR. Studies also show that direct contact can cause abnormalities in the brain, liver or kidney and that it causes allergic reactions to patients with eczema.

Alcohol such as Isopropyl Alcohol or Propanol

I could always tell when a product had crappy ingredients by how they made my hair feel after use. Cheap shampoos always made my hair feel stringy and dry. While some higher end shampoos made my hair feel silky and smooth. When you shampoo makes your hair feel like a dry tumble weed, there is a good chance that it has a lot of sulfates and alcohol in it. This chemical will make your hair very dry and prone to breakage which is why your hair feels like its going to wither away after a good scrub.

Benzene, Phenylethane, and Methylbenzene AKA Toluene.

I've always thought that not dyeing your hair while pregnant was just an old wives tale but actually those old wives were pretty genius.

This chemical can negatively affect your immune system and possibly cause birth defects. Since babies get their nutrients directly from whatever the mother is ingesting dyeing your hair while pregnant may increase the chances of certain birth defects

If you dye your hair every few weeks like me, consider waiting a couple weeks in between dye jobs so you aren't exposed to such large amounts of this chemical


Type of silicone added in hair care products. It acts like a protective layer to your hair shaft but over time, builds up residue on your scalp. It prevents moisture from entering the hair and can cause scalp irritation by clogging the pores.

Since this chemical doesn't cause major health issues its not entirely dangerous but it should still be used in moderation

In Conclusion, there are a lot of chemicals in our hair and cosmetic products that are toxic to us and the environment that we may not realize because the effects are internal and long term. After reading this article you may feel the need to throw every hair product you own away and start over. Instead of doing that and getting overwhelmed try to cut back on how many times you wash your hair.

Instead of washing your hair every time with shampoo try to wash your hair with conditioner only.