Frequently asked questions

How Do Ok Curls Boxes Work?

Ok Curls offers a hair care kit at a discounted price that allows you to buy everything you need for your wash day. Each kit is different and you are able to choose what brand/ product you are receiving for the month at no extra charge. You are able to buy the kits one time or subsribe to receive them every month :)

When Is The Subscription Payment Charged?

Everyone's subscription payment date is different. The payment date is set a month from when you bought your kit. For example, if you bought a Royal Care Kit on May 13th your monthly payments will be the 13th of every month

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You may cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before your next payment is due. For example, your payment is due on May 13th, you may cancel on May 12th at no extra charge. Cancelling the day after your payment date will cancel the following month.

Can I Buy Products Separtely?

In the product tab on the main menu customers are able to buy products seperately