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            Wassup Curlies! My name is AB and I am the proud founder of Ok Curls.

I started this company in 2018 when I was at the peak of a crazy phase I was going through. That crazy phase was being addicted to dying my hair. I went from auburn, to full red, to navy blue in the time span of 2 years . It was all fun and games until my blue hair did not want to get out of my hair.

Did I mention I was doing this all at home?

I stupidly bleached my hair for way to long and completely ruined my curls. They were not curling up at all. No amount of scrunching did it justice.  Desperate to get my precious curls back without having to chop off my locks I tried every curly hair product. Nothing was making it better. My hair felt worse, felt drier after every wash.

I then started to dive into researching the ingredients I was using. I came to find out that most of the chemicals in the products  are super toxic for curly hair. The number one chemical that I was surprised to see was formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen. Why would I want a carcinogen in my hair when I wont even light a cigarette to my lips! That was the deal breaker for me. I threw out all of the curly hair products I owned and started researching how to make my own products.

    It took me two years (2018-2020) to find the perfect formula that was cost efficient and improved hair health. My products quickly revived my chemically damaged curls into beautiful healthy curls in a matter of 6 months. When my friends and family saw how quickly my hair bounced back they all wanted some products too. Some has trouble with heat damage, others chemical damage, like me. That's when I decided to go all in and invest my time and money into this company. To help my fellow curly haired Queens take care of their crown. ( At an affordable price because ain't nobody paying no $13 for some shampoo, okay ;))

With Much Love,


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